As part of our contribution to the development of aviation and tourism , in June 2011, UNISTAR gets the certification for a new operational base at the Maria Reich Airdrome, located in Nazca, under the demanding aeronautical regulation 135, starting the flyover service of the Nazca Lines and Palpa, as well as Charter flights from Nazca, Pisco and Ica or other destination to Lima or vice-versa , with our exclusive twin engine airplane CESSNA 337G, which is a novelty, because the service is offer by other operators with a single engine airplanes. UNISTAR’s advantage is ensuring your safety in the unlikely event of one engine experiencing technical difficulty; your plane will continue to operate in a safe manner. Additionally, UNISTAR utilizes two pilots and IFR/VFR avionics instrumentation for 24 hour day/night operation, guaranteeing a safe landing. This plane was recently renewed to 0 (zero) hours, is equipped in a VIP configuration, (leather seats, curtains, interphone (intercom), and the afore-mentioned instrumentation that allows for visual and instrument flying. While other operators need to cancel flights due to weather conditions, we are able to operate, while ensuring the maximum safety and security that the industry offers. UNISTAR is continuously audited by the Aeronautical Authority, achieving congratulations by the Authority, for high standards of maintenance and excellent policies of operational security and quality of service, this being one of our principal values. UNISTAR is now one of the best alternatives to flying over the Nazca Lines, with better safety and security for you to enjoy your trip at the highest level. You will experience that difference.

The Nazca Lines are a series of ancestral geoglyph, located in the prairie of Jumana in Nazca’s desert between the towns of Nazca and Palpa in Peru, taking in an extension of 80 kms.

The Nazca Lines has been appointed by UNESCO as patrimony of the humanity. It is believe that were made by the Nazca culture between the 400 and 650 AD, consisting of hundreds of figures that include from simple designs to a very elaborated figures zoomorphic, phytomorphic and geometrical, that show in the surface of the earth, like birds, spiders, monkeys, fishes, sharks, killer whales, lamas and much more.

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Our Cessna 337G



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